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The ONLY tutoring program specifically recommended by Child Psychologists for ADHD & Autism Spectrum Diagnosis'

Tutoring & Counseling Services

Direct Instruction & Direct Results Counseling 

We only hire extremely skilled, caring teachers, therapists, and administrators, 

who have demonstrated, and understand the importance of committing to nurturing, not only meaningful learning connections, 

but also nurturing meaningful connections of the heart. 

 Supporting any of life's challenges requires clear communications, patience, sensitivity, and trust. 

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ADHD has an Impact, we understand.

Direct Instruction Tutoring programs place particular emphasis on teaching thinking skills, and helping students acquire background knowledge. Program materials include fully scripted lessons to guide our teachers through carefully constructed instructional steps - modeling new content, providing guided practice, offering individualized practice, and applying skills. Signals, and responses are used to keep ADHD students involved, help them stay on task, and support lesson pacing. All of our tutor's are teachers, and are trained to assess student performance throughout the program, and struggling students receive extra practice through remedial exercises. Each level of the program typically spans one academic year. A commitment to a minimum of one-two years is recommended. For true mastery, and assimilation of our Di interventions, that last, time is needed. During the course of a year, a minimum of two 60-minute lessons per week are required. Accelerated programing by adding additional days each week can be arranged.

Reading & Spelling Mastery

Our most popular. most often recommended programs 
by child psychologists

Reading Mastery is a complete basal reading program that uses the Direct Instruction method to help students master essential decoding, and comprehension skills. 

Spelling Mastery is a six-level Direct Instruction series that teaches students dependable spelling skills by blending three approaches: the phonemic approach, the whole word approach, and the morphemic approach.

Essentials for Writing & Expressive Writing

Writing is the primary way students demonstrate their learning. 
It can be done, and it can be fun!

The Expressive Writing Program is composed of two levels, Expressive Writing 1, and Expressive Writing 2. 
Expressive Writing 1 consists of 50 lessons. Expressive Writing 2 consists of a ten-lesson preprogram followed by 50 regular lessons. The program can be used with students of any age who can read at the third grade level, or above.

Expressive Writing 1 is designed for students who haven’t mastered foundational writing skills. At the end of Expressive Writing 1, students can write a paragraph that describes a sequence of related actions using simple declarative sentences, punctuate sentences correctly, write consistently in the simple past tense, write paragraphs that include sufficient detail, and stay on topic.

Expressive Writing 2 is designed for students who can construct a basic paragraph, but who have problems with clarity, are unable to punctuate quotes, and other sentence types correctly, and use a narrow variety of sentence forms. By the end of Expressive Writing 2, students can write a multi-paragraph narrative that is written clearly using clear pronoun referents and including details necessary for clarity, uses a variety of sentence types, and includes correctly punctuated direct quotes. 

Essentials for Writing is designed for students in middle school, and high school who are at risk of failing to meet high school graduation requirements in English Language Arts. The program consists of 95 lessons designed to teach skills that are essential for learning to write. Students are also taught the complex behaviors needed to compose narrative passages, stories with a specific theme, descriptive essays, auto biographical sketches and biographies, and responses to literature, including persuasive arguments, and position papers.

Direct Instruction Math Programs 

Connecting Math Concepts, Corrective Mathematics, Essentials for Algebra 

Connecting Math Concepts is a six level program (Levels A-F) designed to accelerate the math learning performance of students in grades K through 5. 

Corrective Mathematics is typically needed by older students whose math performance is characterized by a weak grasp of the basics, lack of facility with math facts, inaccurate computation, and a lack of strategies for problem solving. The program is effective for students with poor attention, and poor recall of directions or others who meet criteria to receive special services.

Essentials for Algebra is designed for students in middle school, or high school who are at risk of failing to meet graduation requirements in math. 

Psychotherapy/ Counseling

for Individuals- Child & Adult
for Groups- Couples & Families

Individual Therapy & Coaching for Children/Parents

Get support around...

Social skills, managing anger, and frustrations

Organizational skills, and maintaining healthy relationship through         awareness, contact, and learning to embrace your 

authentic experience, and self.

All family members need to work together with the therapist toward common goals. However, if one member refuses to attend a session(s), other family members can still benefit from attending. Each family member can also benefit from coming in for a few individual sessions before, during, after scheduled family time.


Couples & Family

Counseling for Couples with Kids 

Book a Weekend Intensive Get-away In Niagara-on-the Lake

Option of having your Two-3 hour sessions in the privacy of your suite or/ in one of our Niagara Therapy offices.


The Three R's of Relationship's for Parent's with ADHD children

Relate- Learn how to relate to each other, your child/children, on how to deal with ADHD and/or other developmental/behavioral issues effectively

Reconnect/ renew your marriage

Rebuild your bond by getting back on the same team in all ways!

Family Therapy 

3 hours sessions in your own home

or regularly scheduled 1-2 hour sessions in one of our various therapy locations.

Each family is a dynamic, and unique system.

Explore patterns of communication so that all household 

members have a voice.

When one family member is the focus, for whatever reason 

the “whole” family suffers.

Families are the sum of their parts.

“To be whole is to be healed” ~ Deepak Chopra